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You Or Your Car: Who Is Insured?


Auto insurance policies are written in complex legal language and most people will purchase a policy without fully understanding what is actually covered. So if you get in an accident while driving another person’s car, will your auto insurance policy cover you? What about while you are driving a rental car?

The fact is that each policy is different and typically the liability coverage follows you to any vehicle you are driving – as long as that vehicle is not excluded. Understanding the fine print in your auto insurance policy is important. But unfortunately, most people don’t realize how important until attempting to file a claim.

Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance: What’s the Difference?

The comprehensive and collision auto insurance policy will follow your vehicle, not you. If you choose to loan your vehicle to a friend or relative, then in most cases your auto insurance will remain in force. Even so, there are several situations in which your vehicle may not be covered based upon the terms of your specific policy. Close family are usually covered, but if a family member frequently drives your vehicle, he or she should be listed as a driver on your auto insurance policy. Some auto insurance providers limit the level of coverage for people operating a vehicle who are not listed as drivers on the policy. It is important that you understand your auto insurance coverage before allowing another person to drive your car or other vehicle.

Your current auto insurance policy may or may not cover you when you are driving a rental car, or it may not pay the costs of a rental car if your vehicle is damaged, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Some auto insurance companies require you to purchase supplemental insurance for rental vehicles, while other companies cover you in any vehicle, and the policy will clearly state that non-owned vehicles are covered.

Bodily injury coverage typically follows the policy owner rather than the vehicle. You may want to consider adding PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage to your auto insurance for more protection, as the policy can be written to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

Do You Have Enough Car Insurance Coverage?

What does your auto insurance policy actually state? We would be happy to answer your questions about your auto insurance policy and what is covered should you be involved in a car accident.

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