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After working as a Senior Marketing Manager for over 10 years for a national insurance carrier, who's main customer base was in the petroleum industry, I decided it was time to create a new venue for petroleum haulers.  The customer was frustrated, as was I, with the high turnover rate of their marketing representatives. They felt every couple of years THEY were training a new marketing rep that was supposed to be the expert. 


After resigning, I spent two years running a local oil company that operates several convenience stores and a transportation division.  

Today MIB is quickly becoming one of the largest agencies insuring petroleum transportation companies.    


There are few agencies or national carriers that can compete with our agency on these key points:


1. Integrity and Trust -  with out an agent you can trust you don't have an agent


2. Long term insurance brokers - one of the reasons I left the national carrier was due to the high turnover which is a real challenge in the industry.


3. Access to a multitude of carriers-  there isn't an insurance company today that will insure an oil account that we aren't able to gain access to.


4. Access to global brokers to handle difficult coverages- we can handle most needs in house but in the event due to losses or operations we need to seek a third party we have direct access to the largest global broker and the largest regional agency.


5. Experience and expertise in insuring petroleum haulers-  your local agent may insure one oil account at his agency, the national broker may have one-two years of experience.  Few can match our combined experience and market share.


We hope you'll give MIB an opportunity to work with you on your next renewal.





Jim Marshall

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