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As a distributor of petroleum products you face a great deal of risk and ever changing regulations.  Unfortunately, there are very few competitive options for you in the commercial insurance market.  With a few national carriers who mandate that you work with their representatives and very few independent agents who have expertise in your industry, the task of finding a competitive program year in and year out can be a challenge.  At Marshall Insurance Brokers you get the expertise and market access that is lacking in the traditional markets.  With over $5,000,000 of premium in the oil industry we are the premier independent agency for insuring petroleum risk in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you with insurance needs.  


Currently offering insurance programs in PA, OH, MD, NY, NJ and WV.  


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Integrity - Our focus is always on building a relationship versus making a transaction.  We want our customers to stay customers and realize that our reputation and your trust is what makes the difference.


Customer Service- When you need something done in the petroleum industry - you need it now.  We realize that and strive to meet your certificate and other service needs faster than anyone in the industry. 


Market Research-  Today's carrier may not be the best carrier for your business tomorrow. With a network of national and state wide insurance professionals we are constantly researching the emerging markets to make sure you always get the most comprehensive program at the most competitive price.



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Suite 240
Warrendale, PA 15086



Tel: 724-719-2411

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